Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Internship Adventures: Meeting Little Mix

               Sometimes, I am somewhere I do not want to be. My school cafeteria, the Urban Decay section of any crowded Sephora, or a Justin Bieber concert. But behind the scenes of a cover shoot with a famous girl band sounded like a great experience. And, thanks to my internship this summer, I was able to be part of the cover shoot for Girl’s Life Magazine’s cover girls. You can pick up the issue today. But for now, read on.


Perrie and Leigh-Anne!

            My little sister really likes Little Mix. She is a hard-core, fervent supporter of the girl band; she admires their punkish, slightly modern style, has an Instagram account where they are featured (@deleanoralways, shameless sister promotion), and listens to their massively popular music. I am not as passionate as she is about them, but the fact that they are one of the select few only-girl bands today is incredibly admirable, even if they were manufactured during the X Factor. We have always witnessed a plethora of mullet-haired boy bands -since, around, 1980, let’s say- but there has been a dearth of successful girl bands (Dixie Chicks, Spice Girls, Little Mix).
Jewelry at the shoot!

                Little Mix started out on the X Factor, where they were grouped together and eventually won (you can read more about their story in the October/November Issue of Girl’s Life). There are four of them- Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Jade, and Perrie. The girls showed up to be photographed by Dean Alexander, whose fashion photographs are nothing short of, well, gorgeous. The Little Mix shoot was a lot of fun. I didn’t get to talk to any of the photographers or make-up artists, but I did have the chance to assist the stylist, Eryka. She was effervescent and styled the girls in a punk/proper sort of way. The end product was a modern mélange of preppy, rebellious looks. If you have the chance to pick up a copy, she styled a red dress as a shirt and paired it with a striped skirt for Jade to wear. It is my favorite outfit of the editorial. Each of the girls has their own look; put them all together, and they are a mix of urbane, totally-modern, grunge-y awesomeness. But if you’re reading this, I’m sure you want to hear more about the girls than what they wear. Chances are, if you’re a dedicated ‘Mixer,’ you probably know the time they were born, their favorite foods, and the name of all of their siblings. Dedication comes in many odd forms.
Backstage clothes!

                When the imminence of the girl’s arrival struck me, I was somewhat nervous. What if they were four prototypes of Regina George? Had I set up the jewelry table right? What if I tripped and spilled orange juice all over their clothes? I stopped worrying when they came through the door. They are completely normal, very nice, and delightfully blasphemous. I am not being obsequious.  I was charmed. Jade was the first person I had the chance to talk to; not to be too intrusive about her disposition, but she carries herself in a quietly polite sort of way, once asking the make-up artists if they would like some of the candy she was eating. She has a sweeter, lighter style than the other girls. She took particular liking to a hat with cat-shaped ears, and blended into her surroundings like a chameleon, shooting backstage videos about the looks and sifting through clothing racks (each girl had their own).
                Jesy walked in after Jade, in black Doc Martens paired with knee-high socks. I have never seen anyone do that. Ever. It may not have been something I would have worn, but it was memorable. That girl knows how to make an entrance; her style is electric. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to talk with her, but she seemed completely relaxed and made some incredibly hilarious comments when being interviewed backstage near the end of the shoot.
                Leigh-Anne was the only one I got to have a somewhat normal conversation with, because Little Mix was on a time crunch so we were rushing through looks, taking photo tests, and changing outfits all while consuming energy in the form of sugar. Leigh- Anne was wearing black open toed shoes with a gold ankle strap, something that I asked her about before she left. She told me she had gotten them at Asos, talking to me in a totally nonchalant, friendly way.  
 Perrie was wearing a crop top with a giant white peace sign on it, her colorful hair in a ponytail. She seemed like a mix of chiffon and leather when I saw her. She was very kind and chatty, but she looked like a risk taker. She would be the super cool friend who’d have the guts to go skydiving while you quivered in fear with your Starbucks Cappuccino and applauded her boldness.
Shoes backstage! 

The girls acted like old friends (well, duh). Perrie and Leigh-Anne broke into song at one time, and looked at magazines while waiting to be photographed. I must say, and I hope I don’t sound pretentious when saying it, that these girls are very lucky; not just because they are successful in their career, but because they have each other. They are all sharing the spotlight together, so they can easily connect with each other if they are going through hard times. I feel like it’s good to have friends to fall back on that are sharing your experiences. It must be hard for Little Mix. They are incredibly successful, with chart-topping songs and millions of albums being sold worldwide, and probably very proud of themselves (with good reason, too). However, they are very busy, rushing from photo shoot to the airport to performances and interviews and everything else that comes with realized success. I say this with verity: I hope Little Mix continues to inspire girls with their music, style, and personalities. I hope they carry themselves with humor and humility throughout their career, as they displayed during this photo shoot. I’m sure they will never see or read this article, but if they do, I’d also like to say thanks to them. They’re one of the most successful girl bands, and they’re showing girls that girl power is totally awesome and totally okay. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to take a break between albums and go to college.
             I have four quotes from each Little Mix girl to end my post. 

“We want to be internationally successful. The important thing is that this is not just a two year thing. We want it to last forever. I can’t live without these girls.” – Jesy

"I was always the one at school nobody fancied and I’ve only ever had one proper relationship." – Perrie 

             “I don’t think there’s anything worse than being ordinary.” –Jade

             “The best thing about Little Mix is we’re role models for being ourselves.” – Leigh-Anne.

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